I use a Personal Traininer

I am a personal trainer, but I also use a personal trainer.

Of course I train by myself but I know that I will get pushed harder when I use a personal trainer. A personal trainer will motivate you and help you push through the plateaus that you might have struggled with if you were training on you own.

It is good to get the perspective of a qualified professional who will notice things about you that you might not be aware of yourself and will be able to see what you need to be working on as opposed to what you like to work on. Having a personal trainer means that I am pushed to do the exercises that I might not do if I where training on my own. We all have our favourite exercises and the ones that we don’t enjoy as much. But the fact is that the ones we are leaving out of our routines are probably the ones we need to do more of because neglect them so much. We all know the guy who loves to train chest but never ever trains legs.

Personal training is a great way to keep your fitness goals on track and a good personal trainer will keep you motivated and headed in the right direction. I personally try to make the sessions with my clients as much fun as possible, because if you are enjoying your training then you are more likely to stick with the programme.

Be smart guys! Get a personal trainer.


Peter Rice