Get fit with Kettlebells

Get fit with Kettlebells

Using kettlebells is one of my favourite ways to train. They are so versatile; they can be used for cardio, building muscle & strength.

The kettlebell swing is probable one of the most well-known exercises. It’s great because it’s a full body exercise that will burn away the calories. One of my personal favourite 10 minute workouts is

·        1st minute 20 swings then 10 push ups (rest for the remainder of the minute)

·        2nd minute 20 swings then 9 push ups (rest for the remainder of the minute)

·        3rd minute 20 swings then 8 push ups (rest for the remainder of the minute)

Carry on for the rest of the 10 minutes reducing the push ups by 1 every minute but keeping the swings at 20. I use a 24kg kettlebell for this and I have clients who use anything from 12kg to 30kg.

It might seem easy at first but as the minute and rounds go by you will soon realise how good this workout is.

Whatever you want to train there will be a kettlebell exercise that can help its not just all about swings.

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Peter Rice