Training partners, dogs are the best!

Dogs the best training buddy you didn’t know you had.


We are a nation of dog lovers, me included. I like to walk my dogs and we occasionally go running together. They like their walks, but they love to go on a run. They honestly seem to live for it. So, I use their need for exercise as an excuse to get some myself especially now the weather is starting to warm up.

We still get our walks every day, but at least twice a week I take them on a run around the fields where I live. We even do some sprint work. As someone who hasn’t traditional been a lover of running, seeing the joy it brings to them they make it easier for me to put my running shoes on and hit the road.

If you have a dog, they are all the reasons you need to get outside and get some exercise, you don’t even have to run you can just take a nice leisurely stroll. Just get outside enjoy the fresh air and get your steps in.