Peter's a great trainer. I used Peter to help get my fitness levels up, as I needed all the help I could get. He put a lot of work in, outside our sessions. Researching what would be beneficial and finding exercises to help. His sessions were always varied with a good mix of cardio, weights, core strength, flexibility and kickboxing. He is enthusiastic and you can see that he gets great pleasure from helping people reach their goals. I cannot recommend Peter highly enough.

P. Marsh

Peter is an excellent coach, he pushes you to be your best with positivity and encouragement. My daughter and I highly recommend Peter and know he will strive to get the best out of whomever he works with focusing on your individual goals. We miss our classes. Peters energy, compassion and enthusiasm is truly contagious.

K. Malpus

Peter is a great and friendly coach, he pushes you to your limits and goals weather it's for weight loss or competitive fighting, Peter will make you reach the targets you aim for, either in classes or one to one, would highly recommend friends/ family to try a session.

P. Sutton

My son started training with Peter at the age of 5. He loved going to class and couldn't wait to show off his moves he learnt from the week before. Peter was one of if not the best coach my son has had the pleasure of training with. He is so friendly and is very focused on helping the young children meet their full potential. My son always talks about his time training with Peter and always says how he was gutted when they parted ways. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone of any age or gender, he is very professional and approachable. Peter will go out of his way to make you the best you can be and help you progress in ways you never thought you could. I wish Peter all the luck in the world and hopefully we can arrange to train again soon.

S. Kedward

Working with Peter on my fitness has been great. I started training with Peter after I could see the results he was getting with my mother. After only a few weeks of training I could see the results in myself. My weight started to come down, my fitness is the best it has ever been and I have started to tone up. No shouting, no humiliation just pure encouragement, belief and results. I definitely recommend this guy. I'm sure he could get the best out of anyone.

K. Taylor

I'm usually a bit cautious when starting something new especially if it's training but in Peters class I was put at ease within minutes as he is approachable, friendly and gets the best out of you by encouragement and praise. Which meant even though I was new in his class I felt like I had been there for months. The exercises even the warm up used all of your body, it was tiring it needs to be to get the results you want but at the same time it was fun and everyone was smiling. There was nothing a reasonably healthy person couldn't do. As I could see it was toning my body as well as being enjoyable I looked forward to every class . Thank you very much Peter.

C. Lawrenson

Peter is a great guy to train with and he makes the training very good and enjoyable. He is very kind and patient.

 A. Malpus